Vision req. for NICU?

  1. Hi. I really want to become a NICU nurse and will be starting college this fall, but I have a problem. My eyesight isn't very good. I currently see about 20/40 out of one eye and 20/60 out of the other. Will this be a problem in nursing? If so, is there anything I can do to help improve my vision? Ya'lls advice would be really helpful.
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  3. by   prmenrs
    Is this uncorrected, i.e., do you wear glasses? If not, go to an optomotrist, and find out if you need them. (If I could see that well w/o my glasses on, I'd jump for joy! Those numbers are almost normal.)
  4. by   Gompers
    That is your vision with or without glasses? If it's without, I agree with prmenrs that you of course need to get some correction. But if that's what you are corrected, then I suppose it all depends on what kind of vision you have. Are you farsighted or nearsighted? Seeing close up is more important in NICU, and if you don't have good vision within a foot or two of your face then it will be a problem. Everything is tiny and up close in the NICU!
  5. by   purplemania
    why is your vision not stereo? I, too, recommend seeing an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist and get the full scoop and maybe some correction. Uncorrected vision with a 2 diopter variance (such as yours) could mean you have trouble with depth perception. Can you see tiny veins that need IV access? Can you give medications using small TB syringes? If not, I would recommend getting familiar with the Disability Act that states you should be reasonably accommodated for your "disability". Good luck!!
  6. by   Katy18
    Thanks for replying. I do wear glasses (that's my corrected vision), and I'm nearsighted. I have pretty normal depth perception, though I don't have periphereal vision in one eye. I would simply get lasik surgery, but I don't have 'normal' vison problems. Anyway, thanks for the answers. I've been wondering about this for awhile.