update to what do you all think about this job

  1. Sorry it took so long to post an update. I found out this past week that all the NICU positions for new grads are gone. They have all the new grads that they will be able to handle. I feel as though I was given the run around. When I first applied she told me that so far I was the only one graduating in May that had inquired about the positions. This was back in EARLY february. I followed up with her and she kept telling me that interviews will start soon. I was NEVER called in for an interview and just last week I was told all the positions for new grads have bene filled and they only had slots left for experienced NICU nurses and I can understand the fact that they don't want to have to many new grads at once. That makes perfect sense. I did apply at another hospital in the NICU and the recruiter told me that the NICU positions are very limited. They currently have 3 techs in the NICU who just happen to be in my graduating class and they will get the spots. From there they are not sure how many more new grads they will be able to handle it all depends.

    So now I am thinking I am going to start in a med-surg work in med-surg for 6 months-a year and then wait for more slots to open in NICU because that is where I REALLY want to be. Either that or peds and pediatrics is not an option for me right now because I am obligated to a particular hospital system because of a work commitment deal.

    Thank you for all your responses and giving me the courage to e-mail the recruiter but now I am very sad and upset. I am trying to think positive thoughts and look at med-surg as the opportunity to learn what I did not learn in nursing school. Like starting IV's and inserting urine caths.
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    I'm just curious...is it possible, or would you even want, to try and secure a job in either PostPartum or L&D? They aren't the same as NICU (and peds was going to be my next suggestion but you can't do that!) but at least you are still staying in the maternal/child area, and there will be many relevant things for you to learn- not the least of which will be starting IV's (esp. L&D) and inserting cath's (both units). You will still learn time management, etc., and it will help to be familiar with mom before you get to move on to baby. I know that learning to assist in breastfeeding will be a huge help! I work NICU and many (sadly, the majority) of the people I work with have no clue how to counsel moms trying to feed their little preemies, much less helping a mother whose baby has more significant problems. They can't even instruct about breast pumps! This is certainly experience that will help you in the nursery, or even if later, you move to, say, an Infant and Toddler unit, where many moms may still be breastfeeding their babies (they usually have these at children's hospitals). Learning about meds that moms receive while delivering and afterward will help you also- knowing what side effects are, if they're safe in breastmilk, etc. A lot of working in NICU is interacting with the family, so maybe you should think about trying to start off in one of those units? Just an idea. ;>) I really think (and again, this is simply my own opinion) that doing med-surg tasks (and I use this term generally, as we all do similar tasks) on a maternal area rather than just general med-surg floor would be more relevant to your ambition to work on the NICU, and who knows? You might fall in love with it! Good luck to you!
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    I am doing my senior capstone in OB for 6 weeks. I was talking to the nurse manager last week when I was getting oriented to the unit and talking about my capstone and she told me she has a position open and if I want the position then it is mine. She said I can wait until I am done with my capstone before I give her the final decision. There were 11 people in my class who wanted to do NICU for the capstone and there were only 8 available places/preceptors to place students. So I was one of the 3 students who did not get a spot. What really irks me the most is the fact that the 3 of the girls who got a spot in NICU for capstone said they are not going into NICU after graduation and already got a job some where else. I thought that was unfair but then again life is unfair sometimes and just have to learn how to deal with it the best way possible. We all got to pick the areas where we wanted to be for capstone. If you don't get 1st choice you will get your 2nd choice and I got my 2nd choice.

    Who knows at the end of the 6 weeks of my capstone I could be totally sold on OB and go into OB. I am just REALLY, REALLY nervous about my capablities like fetal monitoring, checking diltations, starting Iv's, inserting urine caths and things like that. Maybe at the end of 6 weeks I could see a light and maybe some of the new grads who graduated last year from my school who are in this particular OB unit will shed some light and share their experiences.

    Thanks for your help!!
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    When I was in nursing school I just wanted to work in L&D. I did my preceptorship there, volunteered, took a doula class. When I graduated I put my application in there and in the NICU because one of the girls from special care said there were 8 pregnant girls. Now I have been in the NICU for four years and I can't imagine check those cervix's in L&D. I had always thought the NICU was a mysterious place I would like to work but I never thought that was where I would start. So wherever the road leads just keep your eyes open! Good Luck!!!!:-)