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Seeking Nursery/NICU view on my situation (also posted to management forum): I'm a BSN CCRN with 10 years ICU experience, started in ICU as a new grad way back when they were not hiring new grads in... Read More

  1. by   NICU_Nurse
    One little caveat for you. At my old hospital (yet again, one of the MANY reasons I'm not working there anymore!), they told you that yes, they'd rather keep you than lose you entirely, even if it meant they'd "wasted" six months of training on you only to have you move to your unit of choice once your probationary period was up. However! Try to ACTUALLY move, and you find out quickly that there is a little clause that allows unit managers to claim "emergency staffing standards" (i.e, they claim they're too short to let you go at the moment). In essence, let's say you're in ICU and you want to go to OR. You fill out your transfer paperwork, there's an opening in OR, you are eligible. Your boss says, "Oh, no, we can't lose someone else right now" or your boss is a witch and purposely tries to antagonize you (as in my old unit), and she claims emergency staffing needs. She could keep you up to three months to alleviate the "emergency" on the unit, by which time your nice job in OR is sure to be up. Next time you go to apply, say a few months later, she can do it again, and keep doing it until you finally say f*ck it and quit.

    Be sure they aren't going to do this to you before you agree to work in the ICU.