Thank you from a "former preemie"

  1. I'm a Nursing student (finishing my first year right now) and I love this message board. Some of the things I read scare the crap out of me, but the majority of it is encouraging and enlightening.

    I was a preemie 25 years ago in San Francisco. Born at 28 weeks, at 2 lbs 6oz. (it just amazes me that this is huge compared to some of the babies that are surviving today) and I have no longterm health challenges related to being born early. I still have my scars from the blood samples drawn from the soles of my feet and a longer IV scar on the top of my right foot (my mom said I kept pulling the IV tube out of my head, so they put it in my foot). It's kind of silly of me, but I like my scars. They kind of motivate me when school and clinical seem a bit overwhelming.

    So, I just wanted to thank all of you. I realize it's highly unlikely that any of the nurses who cared for me will see this, but I just wanted to let you know that the kids you care for do get reaaaally big, and do get better.
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  3. by   NICU_Nurse
    This was so sweet and thoughtful of you to write!! Yes, perhaps none of the nurses who cared for *you* will see this, but rest assured that we all go home wondering what ever happened to 'our' babies once they were discharged. I worry about my babies, wonder what kind of lives they lead, sometimes wonder if all of these drastic and frequently invasive interventions will be worth it in the long run...reading this today made me very happy. Thank you! Good luck in nursing school! ;>)
  4. by   dawngloves
    Be proud of your scars! I call them, "badges of honor".
    You are the reason I do what I do. Because you do get BIG and turn into wonderful people!
  5. by   spineCNOR
    Thank you, Joeknee! As a former NICU nurse I have always wondered what became of "my" babies, and how they are doing. It's good to hear from a sucessful former premie!

    Good luck in nursing school!