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    I am currently looking for a full time position and many people have suggested Neonatal. I have no objections to that in fact both of my nephews where in the neonatal ward (s) here in our city and I was impressed at how incredible all the nurses were. My problem is, I have NO experience with babies or children (other than my nephews) and my 7 week rotation in maternity during nursing school. What could I possibly put on my resume or write in my cover letter that would get the neonatal people to give me a chance? I graduated in Dec 2001 and have worked part time in a burn unit so I still consider myself a NEW nurse as my hours don't accumulate to 1500 hrs. Thank you - please reply
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  3. by   jeffinerrn
    i suggest you just say you are interested due to personal exposure with family. There is no stead-fast rule saying you have to have experience to be hired into a NICU. I was a new Grad hired into NICU. It's what I went to nursing school for! I knew I wanted NICU from the start. For personal reasons also.
    Also, some units prefer to hire people who have had little to no previous experience. Then they can train them their way. rather than having to "re-train" them .

    good luck!
  4. by   dawngloves
    You have vent experience, right? And you work with drips? There ya go!
    I worked ICU,CCU and Burn, never touched a kid. It's different, but you have the basics. Good luck!
  5. by   Brownbetty
    I was a new grad hired right into the NICU. August 2003 will be a year. go for it. If you can do your senior practicum in a NICU that will be wonderful for you.
  6. by   A_Nightingale55
    I'm a new member of the NICU team.. I worked 16 years in adult Med/Surg and was hired into NICU.. It's something I always wanted to do and now I'm here.. Go for it and good luck!! Linda