Suctioning with mec at delivery

  1. Thought I would post this here, because NICU nurses are THE BEST and always know "the answer".

    I'm a new midwife. When I did my integration, the Chief of Pediatrics told me that the NRP guidelines re: Mec were changing, and unless I had particulate mec, I was NOT to do any cath suction on the perineum prior to delivery.

    Where I work, babies with any mec other than "light" are routinely suctioned by the MD/CNM prior to birth of the shoulders.

    Are the guidelines changing? How do you handle mec where you work?

    Thanks in advance for your posts!
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  3. by   westies
    New NRP changes are coming and I haven't heard what they are , but currently if you read the changes from 2000 (, they switched from intubating based on the type of meconium to whether or not the baby was vigorous. That being said, I do not believe NRP specifically elaborates on suctioning on the perineum since that is before we get a hold of the baby. Where I work, the doctors still suction on the perineum if there is meconium, but that does not determine what we do. I can tell you we intubate much fewer patients than in the past for meconium. Hope this helps somewhat. Good luck in your midwifery!!
  4. by   Mimi2RN
    I heard that the new guidelines (in the next new NRP book) do away with DeLeeing on the perineum in mec deliveries. I don't know whether this is true or not.

    We are supposed visualize the cords etc. before a baby is stimulated. Unfortunately, most of our ob's use a bulb syringe as soon as the baby is out, and don't get the kid to the warmer for us to do our job before the baby cries. Sometimes I want to take the bulb syringe away from the delivery table before the ob gets his/her hands on it. I think I irritated the ob at a c/s recently when I told the OR tech that he would not need the bulb syringe, but he did hear me and didn't use it.

    Because of this, I can see more problems if we don't continue to DeLee on the perineum.

  5. by   pooh54
    hey guys, been teaching NRP for a few years, the answer is to suction on the perineum and if the baby is not vigorous, we then intubate and suction below the cords. Vigorous means active, breathing with good tone and heart rate. Hope this helps.
  6. by   dawngloves
    That's what we do pooh.
  7. by   pooh54
    Hey all, just recieved the new guidelines (2006) from NRP, they are no longer recommending suctioning on the perineum, they say that the evidence doesn't show any benefits. Argh! An old dog having to learn new tricks! :chuckle
  8. by   dawngloves
    Now we'll have to stand at the foot of the bed slapping the bulb suction out of the OB's hand.
  9. by   pooh54
    I vote for just slapping the OB
  10. by   midwife2b
    Quote from pooh54
    I vote for just slapping the OB