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  1. by   prmenrs
    I think they still use sheepskins (the fake kind.); the moms can take them home and wash them when soiled, but we had to discard them at discharge.

    For a while a few years ago, we were actually using REAL sheepskins. Now that was nice!
  2. by   Gompers
    We use the fake sheepskin - that itchy white synthetic stuff that comes in big rolls. My grandpa had a real sheepskin when he was in a nursing home - that WAS nice stuff!!! The sheepskin we of our nurses is even allergic to it!!! Some people do put it directly under the babies but I can't stand the stuff. If a blanket seems too rough, I'll just use a pillowcase to cover it because they're smoother. We'll use sheepskin under the blankets, on top of the scale or mattress, until a week or two before discharge. At that point we also stop putting the babies prone and lower the head of the bed, so the baby is back-to-sleep ready when discharged.

    We used to have the snugglies from Childrens Medical Ventures, but they all disappeared. We just use blanket rolls or swaddle babies to keep them in position. I like to put a folded up pillowcase under a prone baby, kind of like a body pillow, so they can curl their arms and legs around it instead of having their shoulders and hips abducted.
  3. by   prmenrs
    When I had a really, really sick baby (pharmacologically paralyzed, PFC, mec asp, heart surgery, what all), I would tape two sheepskins together (long sides) so that it made one BIG pad. If I rolled one side up, I could "tilt" the baby side to side w/o disturbing it too much. I could also roll blankets and put them under either side so their shoulders, arms and legs were supported in a more normal position.
  4. by   uma1ashok
    use of a blanket to sling the babies to keep them prone is a very good idea.
  5. by   MsJessikia
    Quote from rainbows4me
    I make 'pillows' out of small pieces of fluff cut and rolled to the right size for the baby. It works well with those 400-600 grammers that are soooo tiny that even a thin cloth diaper folded up seems either too big or too rough. Then of course it's elbows tucked in and knees in. Another fluff pillow use is to get a cpap kiddo into side lying or prone without his head being twisted. The fluff seems to be just the right depth to make up the difference to clear the cpap off the bed.

    gotta just love fluff...

    what kind of fluff are you using?