1. Hi, on a different thread I asked what a preceptorship was, thanks to the person who answered me. Now I have a few more questions on it, so I wanted to start a new thread.

    How do you get a preceptorship? Do you have to apply for one? Are they only at certain hospitals? Do you have to get it through your school? Or can you call a hospital and ask if they have them?

    I am asking because I am pretty sure I know which hospital I want to work for, and am wondering if I could get one there.

    Also, do you need to be a second year student? Does it have to be in summer, or could I do it during the school year? (My classes are at night).

    Thank you.

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  3. by   NICU_Nurse

    As far as I'm aware, some programs allow what they might term a "senior capstone" during your last year/semester, in which you would have the opportunity to choose a specialty unit to perform clinicals in as part of your degree requirements. My program didn't have this option, but while in clinicals, I did meet a girl from another school who was doing this (this was in the MICU). Rather than going with her class, she chose the MICU and was there alone performing clinically under the supervision of her preceptor.

    My only true experiences with a preceptor have been after being hired for the unit- we were each assigned a preceptor to orient us to the unit and make sure that we already had or had the opportunity to learn whatever skills were necessary to function alone as a nurse.

    Perhaps you could ask about this within your program? If they don't offer it outright maybe the school could arrange something for you or give you some leads.