Please help an experienced future grad!

  1. Maybe there will be a kind reader out there that can help me with my dilemma...

    I have been a Scrub Tech/Nurse Tech in L&D for 5yrs, I am NRP certified, and have experience with 23wks to full term births and everything (good and bad) in between. I took a year off to finish my last (toughest) year of nursing school. I graduate in May, 2006. I questioned my path for awhile, but have realized my passion for those precious little creatures. I miss the job more and more everyday.

    I would like to follow a track to the NICU, but there is nothing online or elsewhere to direct me on how to proceed with my "Dream". I have researched for the past 5 or 6 days...nothing!

    I live in Florida, not far from Orlando. I am about an hour away from Florida Hospital and Arnold Palmer Hospital For Women and Children. I have attempted to make phone calls for return calls as of yet. The hospitals in my county do not take new grads into the NICU, and the L&D internships are sink or swim.

    If there is someone out there with advice, or a friend-of-a-friend who works at one of these locations, etc...(anything)....I would be extremely greatful!
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  3. by   NicuRN73
    The fact that Arnold Palmer hasn't called you back may be a blessing. I am a traveling NICU nurse. I interviewed with them over the summer. I was SCARED for my license just by the way interview went. The routine assignments COULD include 3 HFOV pts in one assignment. Feeder/grower land could have 5-6 pts.

    As a new nurse,or even an experienced nurse, those ratios are HORRIBLE. I have a friend there now who states that is a H*** hole. I am working with a Doc who used to work there.. She( used to be a nicu nurse) who said to stay far away from AP.

    I am not saying that there aren't people who love it there. Maybe it will be better when they move into their new unit which is bigger. But I just wanted you to be aware.

  4. by   ShannonSRN
    Thank you for the input!
    If you don't mind did you become a NICU nurse?
  5. by   NicuRN73
    I started out as a new grad in Tallahassee in a 30 bed unit. Learned lots. One thing is to have classroom and on the job time. Unfortunately, Tallahassee didnt have classroom time that I am seeing more and more frequently nowdays .

    If you are really wanting NICU, try looking around the state. Sarasota Memorial Hospital has a small NICU but it is a great place to work (as a traveler).

    If you have any other questions.. Please, dont hesitate to ask..

    NICURN73 currently in Mesa, Az.
  6. by   ShannonSRN
    Thank you so much!
    I live in Brevard County (Melbourne/Cocoa Beach area), loving known as the Space Coast. We have a Level II in our area, but they do not accept new grads. So I have to look outside of the area, but I am the mother of three as well, so I can't travel too far or move.
    I am truly crossing fingers for something to happen with Florida Hospital. I have thoroughly researched their Perinatal Internship you had mentioned, it integrates classroom and clinical time with a preceptor, instead of the "see one, do one" method. Just crossing my fingers, hoping for my dreams! (Feeling like a kid again)
  7. by   nunurs05
    Best of luck to you with Florida Hospital !
  8. by   ShannonSRN
    Thank you! I have been in contact with them recently, and am in the application process!