Oscillator vs HFJV

  1. Anyone with good articles about Oscillator and HFJV. In my old unit we stopped using the Jet yrs ago and used only the oscillator. Now in my travels i have seen both being used and i would like to keep up with both. Thanks for the info.
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  3. by   RainDreamer
    I don't know of any good articles, I just know some of what I learned recently in didactics.

    We have both jets and oscillators in our unit. I was told by an RT that an oscillator is used more for an "oxygen problem" (O = Oxygen = Oscillator ..... easy to remember that way), and a jet is used more for a CO2 problem. But one of our neos in didactics said that they really don't know how these things work and that normally if one doesn't work they'll switch to the other.

    Sorry that's not much help, I'd be interested in seeing articles too.