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  1. hi,
    I'm an new nursing student and I am wondering about the health of acutal nurses, not their patients. I keep hearing about the affect of circadian rhythms, heart and gastrointestinal problems, MS, etc. that nurses seem to be prone to. Are any of you eperienced nurse worried about these things or does it seem similar to the rest of the population? I don't know if I am just being paranoid or if this is just what comes with being a nurse?
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  3. by   live4today
    Yepper....I am concerned about those things as every nurse should be. I don't do nightshifts because of the problems being found to affect the nightshift nurses. Somebody has to do those shifts, but I don't anymore. I use to for years though. As a matter of fact, it use to be my shift of choice until all these studies came forth about nurses health, especially those who worked against their circadian rhythm. Now, it's dayshift or nothing for me.
  4. by   NurseAmy
    I have been working nights for 6 years now, but after my contract is up at the end of August, I will not be working anymore nights unless I can't find another day shift job of some sort. I am just sick and tired of feeling like crap from working nights. Since I turned 30, my body just hates working 3rd shift. I don't know that nurses realize what working nights does to your body. For me, my weight just keeps creeping up, I am having more frequent headaches than ever before, and I am much moodier than when I am sleeping at night like a regular person.
    The statistic about night shift workers having increased cancer risk, especially breast cancer, really scares me too, and I know 3 night shift co-workers who have breast cancer.
    In general, I also think that nurses sometimes neglect their own health because we are so busy taking care of everyone else. We make taking care of ourself a lower priority. I mean honestly, what other profession would regularly work a 12 hour shift without eating or going to the bathroom? We are crazy for doing this to ourselves. I think we need to encourage each other more to take our own health more seriously.
    Interesting topic, and that is just my .02
  5. by   Mira
    I would appreciate if I can get the website about the effects of night shift.Most of the nurses I knew of likes doing nights because of extra money and at the same time they are at home w kids while the spouse is at work,saving them money from child care.In england,we are allowed to sleep on our break(can go up to2hours when not busy) and I hate it when I go on last break because it takes one hour before I can regain my consciousness or organizational thoughts after sleeping.Those doing regular night shifts looks pale and dry to me.I`m glad I only do nights as extra shift(1-2 nights in a month).
  6. by   renerian
    I worked six weeks on nights and ended up very ill. Lost tons of weight which I could not afford to, could not eat or sleep. No nights for me.