NP working as a staff nurse in NICU

  1. I saw something in another thread that made me think of this, but I didn't want to hijack that thread. I am an ADN student now and under contract with a local hospital when I graduate for two years. I'm hoping to get into the NICU, but it's only a Level II. I want to be an NNP and I think I've read that I need to have at least 2 years in a Level III (our local program just says 2 years NICU experience, but I've heard that its supposed to be Level III?)

    My plan is to try and get in the NICU where I'm contracted and after 2 years, try to get into a Level III in preparation for school. Our local school has an RN-MSN program and the hospital I'll be working for after graduation will pay my tuition for me to go back and do either an RN-BSN or RN-MSN so I figured that I'd take advantage of that. I'd like to get a PNP as well as an NNP (options for down the road and a license to be able to work in this volunteer clinic, not much need for NNPs, but plenty of need for PNPs) so I thought that perhaps I'd go ahead and do the RN-MSN and get my PNP, then do a post-master's NNP.

    Is it hard/wierd for someone with an NP already to work as a staff RN in the NICU? I would still need 2 years of Level III experience to do my NNP. I guess I could just wait and do it all after I get those 2 years, but since I'm not paying for it (and not getting any younger!) I figured it would be good to go ahead and get part of it done.

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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    I do not do NICU, but I do mother-baby & nursery and two ladies that I work with (one works days, one nights) are NPs. Granted, they're FNPs vs. neo or pedis but it's not viewed as weird by anyone. If anything, we look up to them, because their knowledge helps them do what they do even better. I say go for it, and good luck.
  4. by   bayoubengals
    Go for it!
  5. by   MegNeoNurse
    Yeah definitely go for it, who cares if its weird, its great experience under your belt!

    I work with a gal who is an NNP but works in our unit as an RN. I haven't asked her why she isn't working as an NNP (as I know that we currently have 2 job postings for part time NNPs) because I don't want to hear an awkward response. It is a bit weird making suggestions on how to do things (as she just came from a diff. city to us in Aug).

    I am hoping to obtain my NNP one of these years as well. I graduate in May 08 with my RN and will need to have 2 yrs as an RN in the Lvl3 I currently work in as a CNA (yay my manager has offered me a job already!)
  6. by   walkingrock
    I worked in a level II unit with a staff RN that was an NNP. She just got tired of traveling to all the different units/hospitals in her NNP job, didn't have the option of just working in 1 unit. She was an awesome contribution to our unit...we didn't think it was weird at all.