NICU nursing web ring

  1. Are any of you interested in starting a NICU nursing web ring? I don't know much about starting a web ring--but if anybody else is interested, I would like to try. Cindy
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  3. by   Brian
    Hi Cindy,

    What do you mean by a web ring? Can you be more specific? Thanks
  4. by   NICUbabyRN
    I have never heard of that. What is it? I might be interested.
  5. by   gypsyatheart
    Me too, if I knew what it was! LOL
  6. by   Gompers
    In a nutshell, a webring is when people with similar websites link their pages together. For example, there might be a group of people who love black cats, and they might choose to link together with a webring. Near the bottom of the page on their websites, there will be a box that says "Black Cat Lovers Web Ring" and by clicking it, you are automatically taken to other pages of peope who love black cats. Sometimes they say "List all pages" and you can see the entire list of people with their black cat web pages who are involved in this ring. It's bascially a way to get more interested visitors to your website.

    I would join but I don't have a website! I would love to have some kind of a journal with pictures and stuff, becuase it would be a good way to release tension related to work...but with all these HIPAA rules I'm sure I'd get in trouble somehow!
  7. by   Brian
    If it is a web ring where you are asking others with websites to join, this would be a form of solicitation which is against the forum rules. Although, I'm sure your request is innocent and not commercial, we do not allow this type of discussion. Sorry to be such a stickler, but if we allow one solicitation.... then everyone else thinks they can solicite

    Thanks for your understanding