NICU nurse questions (please respond)

  1. I am a nursing student, just starting my first semester. I am writing a research report for my writing class on NICU nursing since this is what I want to do.

    If you are a NICU nurse and if you have a moment would you please answer a few questions for me? You can copy & paste and add your own answers. They can be emailed directly to me at or posted here. All responses will be greatly appreciated.

    1) I would like to know what the responsibilities of a NICU nurse actually are. What do you do throughout the day? Please tell me what a normal day at work would be like for you.

    2) What are the best things about your job? What things would you like to change? Do you love going to work every day?

    3) Are you ever able to deal with the deaths of the babies in the NICU? How do you handle it? How do you help the child's parents handle it?

    4) How does it make you feel when a child makes it? Do you get attached to the children in the NICU? Do you develope close relationships with the family?

    4) Do you have any interesting stories to tell? Any interesting information to share?

    5) What kinds of problems do NICU babies deal with? What are the most difficult problems to deal with? Do a lot of NICU babies develope long term problems?

    6) What attracted you to NICU nursing? What were the most difficult things to learn or get used to when you first started? Are you happy with your career choice? Would you recommend it to others?

    Thank you very much!
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  3. by   amandahope03
    Hey! I am a senior in high school, and I am doing a vocation research paper on neonatal nursing. I have a lot of the same questions that you do concerning the subject. I was wondering if you would mind if I could use any of the info. that you receive on here to help me in my research. It would be greatly appreciated. Especially since we have a lot of the same questions. Thank you!!
  4. by   nell

    How much time do you have? You have asked some big questions that will take some time to answer - especially #1. Some of the info is in an answer to amandahope03. Start by checking that out.

  5. by   prmenrs
    There have actually been several threads on this forum recently w/ the same question. So, you might try reading them and if you have more questions, check back with us.

    I'm not trying to blow you off, we're happy to help, but we've been repeating ourselves a lot lately. Thanks
  6. by   NICU_Nurse
    I agree! ;>) This board has been a God-send for me, throughout nursing school but PARTICULARLY during this last year (my first year!) on my NICU. The very first thing I did when I knew I was going to work on this unit was go back to the VERY BEGINNING of this forum, from the day it was created, and read every single post on every single thread. It didn't take that long (we're catching up, but about, ohh...ten thousand posts...behind the Off-Topic forum!) and it really saved a lot of time for the other posters with me not having to ask the same old questions again and again. This nurses who post in the NICU forums have been some of the nicest (and MOST HELPFUL!) people I've ever met. We'd be more than happy to answer your specific questions at any time, but Prmenrs is right....there are multiple threads that could probably provide tons of information for your paper. ;>) Good luck! Keep posting!

  7. by   IttyBittyBabyRN
    Ok, I've only been here about a week and am still haphazardly trying to find my way around. How exactly would I find my way back to the very first posting ever??
  8. by   prmenrs

    go the the bottom of the page that lists the threads on the forum; you can search from "the beginning", and read any of the threads that seem appropriate.

    We'll still help in any way we can, so if you still have ???'s, or new any other kind of support (no, not financial! :lol, just holler!