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  1. Alas! Tomorrow will be my first day on the NICU. I am going to be shadowing my preceptor. I was wondering what types of things do NICU nurses store in or on their scrubs. Any highly recommended or need to have items? I'm very happy and humbled to be in the NICU tomorrow. thanks!
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    Scissors, hemostats (hang on to them tightly--people will walk off with them) a extra pen, if you want a beverage in the designated area then a travel mug with lid that is marked with your name (I always slap a piece of tape on it to write my name). Most NICU's have their own stethoscopes at every bedside but NOT all. Many nurses set their cell phone to quietly alarm hourly to remind them to get their hourly infused total off the IV pumps. I know you have already had your first day but am responding in case it could help someone else.

    Why don't you write us back & let us know what you found that you needed in your 1st day.
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    I've been a nurse for 13 years and still sometimes forget meds that are due at odd times. Setting a cell phone alarm is a fabulous idea! Thank you.
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    Thank you all! DixRN- my first day in the NICU was better than I imagined. My team members were friendly and willing to answer all my questions. All rooms have their stethoscopes but my preceptor has her own pair and recommended it, so I ordered that. I have my extra pens along with a red pen, sharpie and highlighter. All of which, I have used. The red pen to write my name all over my Neofax( it walked away in only five minutes ) haha. I suppose the hemostats will be for clamping. Gotta score a pair of those. We are allowed clear drinks by our stations so a nice mug will be a good idea.
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    Congratulations on your new NICU job, Contrail! Working in a NICU is incredibly humbling and challenging. I would also recommend keeping some saline wipes with you, and completely agree with the cell phone alarm idea (no ringer, of course).