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Our OB unit has recently begun giving the hep B vaccine to our newborns prior to discharge if the parents elect to have it. We recently discovered that we are not all administering it with the same... Read More

  1. by   Jokerhill
    You are right I am just so use to working in a high risk enviroment I think they all are. So 12 hrs is for unknown status and known Hep B at risk Kiddos. You can check the CDC's web site for the latest info.
  2. by   rn/writer
    Quote from Jokerhill
    My paperwork says it should be given in the first 12 hours after birth, not at discharge.
    Hep B is given in the first twelve hours if mom's hep B status is unknown. HbIg (hepatitis B immunoglobulin) is given if mom is positive for Hep B. If mom tests negative, the hep b series can be started at any time, although it is recommended that the series begin within the first two months of life.