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  1. hello i'm a second year student graduation in may 04 iw ould love to work in the nicu can some of you let me know how you got the jobs we only have one nicu up here in duluth mn and i am willig to relocate. thanks everyone
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  3. by   NICU_Nurse
    Well, since you're willing to relocate, probably the first thing you should do is compile a list of what areas you're willing to move. Then just hop online and start researching! Many hospitals now have web sites that list job opportunities on them, and some even have pictures or virtual tours of the hospital or NICU. You have to figure out what type of facility you want to work in (private, private-not-for-profit, public or state run, teaching vs. non-school-affiliated, etc.) and then just start exploring your options. When you narrow it down, find out what sort of new-grad internships or orientation is provided. Eventually you'll get the list to the point where you are ready to start calling nurse recruiters- most are quite happy to send you a packet of information regarding benefits, salary, requirements, etc. In your area, why don't you call the recruiters at local hospials and schedule a tour? You can pick up packets there, and get a feel for the differences between the hospitals in your area. You said you're in MN, right? A good place to start, IMO, would be checking out the Mayo hospital('s) in Rochester, or trying the Minneapolis-St. Paul area (larger, urban areas within your home state). You can see the difference between a large, research-based facility and those smaller hospitals, like the one in Duluth.

    If you're able, you should check out the Summer III internship program that Mayo hosts. Here's a link: . This is a great PAID opportunity to check out a very large hospital.

    When I was in school, I researched facilities in my area, and eventually took a very short stipend contract (I only owed 6 months to the hospital) for the one I chose to start out with. While I was there, I interviewed EVERYONE I met about where they had worked, if they liked it, differences between there and where I was, etc. and basically gathered as much personal information as I could. I finally found a place that I felt I would be happy, and then moved there as soon as an opening came up.

    Good luck!
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  4. by   neonatalRN
    I know there are at least 5 NICUs in the mpls/st. paul area. Children's Hospital Minneapolis, Children's Hospital St. Paul, Fairview University, HCMC, North Memorial.

    The nurses at Children's where Ethan was told me there are always openings for nurses there, and they take new grads.

    Hope that helps.