New Orleans Conference? Anyone going??

  1. Just curious if anyone is coming down for the conference this fall? If I'm lucky I might possibly maybe get to attend one stinkin' day. Isn't that sad? If anyone wants suggestions on restaurants, hotels, etc., let me know. ;>)
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  3. by   TNRN
    I'm going to try to if my new grad orientation schedule allows. I'd also be interested in suggestions on where to stay. And of course, where to EAT!
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  4. by   babynurselsa
    I want to go. I hit my manager up about it the other day
  5. by   nurseiam
    I'm going again this year! I'm very excited we are staying a week this time! Some friends are going to Myrtle's it worth it? Last year I had a great time at The Cats Meow! We are looking for a good swamp tour...last year we went on Captain Nick, it was the worst and very expensive. Any suggestions are great!
  6. by   Christian Nurse
    What conference are you talking about? I'm a grad nurse so I'm left out of the loop when it comes to things like that.
  7. by   NICU_Nurse is the link for the conference, by Neonatal Network/Academy of Neonatal Nursing. It's being held in New Orleans, which is where I went to school!! ;>P If ya'll tell me what type of hotel or inn or restaurant you're in the mood for, I'll do my best to suggest some wonderful places. Before I went into nursing, I was almost a tourism/hospitality major. Among other things. I lovelovelove Cat's Meow, but only on a 'Have to slam back a couple of shots and forget alllllllllll about how horrible work can be' with the girls kind of night! It's kind of shlocky, but can be fun, especially with an outgoing group! The convention-sponsored hotel is the Hyattt Regency, and rooms are 159/night for a single plus 12% tax. The Hyatt is beautiful, but if that's not your thing, (and the rate is a bit high, in my opinion, even with the conference discount) there are HUNDREDS of fabulous places to stay here, from super-trendy (think the W Hotel) to super-fancy (Ritz-Carlton, Windsor Court, or Bourbon Orleans) to everything in between (like the Melrose Mansion or a cute little bed and breakfast). Prices vary, but I'm sure I can find some choices that are better than the Hyatt. As for food, well, honey, bring some cash and plan on wearing the 'fat' pants, because if there's one thing we know how to do, it's eat and cook. There are TRILLIONS of great restaurants here for every possible taste. Stay away from Commander's Palace. That's my first tip. ;>) Let me know if I can help.
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