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(Prepare for whining).... Hi guys, I am a new NICU nurse with about a month left on orientation. I REALLY struggle at work. I don't know if it's just stress bc I'm new and still learning or what,... Read More

  1. by   luvmyboys
    I am just curious what types of things the original poster (or others who care to share) struggle with as a new NICU nurse. I am precepting in NICU this semester and have to come up with three objectives that I would like to accomplish. I thought it might be a good idea to start now working on the things that most new NICU nurses have trouble with since I hope to work in NICU when I am licensed.

    I was thinking of time management and communication with the families but then I would also like to add a procedure - like something about vents maybe. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks!
  2. by   marcopolo59
    don't give up. It will get better. Just give it read and read. as long as you have the basic neonatal facts and knowledge the rest will come with time. good luck.
  3. by   babybums
    I think it takes more than 1 year to feel comfortable in the NICU. I have been in the NICU for 19 years now and I remember my preceptor telling me that it would take about 1 year to feel comfortable. For me it took about 3 years. I love what I do and would never think about any other type of nursing.
  4. by   crazyaaa
    This is really a good post.

    I started in NICU this Jan.,it was totally like a disaster in the 1st 1 or 2 months.I felt like an idiot most of the time,and was terrified about going to working each morning.I had more than 5 years' experience in nursing and did quite well before that,so what can i say.....

    But these days i do really well with work,still there are many things i don;t know,but it's not so scaring,i got more confidence day by day.And i love babies!

    So just hang in there.I guess we really need to give at least a good 6 months or 1 year(in my case,i came from a non-English background) before we feel nice and steady.