Neonatal heart murmurs....websites with examples?

  1. I'm precepting a new grad to the NICU, and she's having a hard time picking up on murmurs. Does anyone know of any websites that have examples (ie sound bites) of neonatal murmurs that she can listen to? I know I had a hard time detecting murmurs when I first started (and sometimes still do!), so any reference websites that you may know of would be really helpful. Thanks!
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, carolina girl,

    You might try the CCU forum and look at this sticky. I've placed links to heart/breath sounds:
  4. by   prmenrs
    It took me forever to hear a murmur! When I went to school, we were not taught too much about heart murmurs, so it was trial and error.

    When I finally did hear one--a "washing machine" one you could practically hear w/o a stethescope, it was all I could do not to jump up and down w/glee! So much for being professional.

    I think it just takes time and practice. If there's a baby known to have a murmur, have her listen to that and a normal, back an forth. Close your eyes--it helps me just to focus on the heart quality. Have others describe murmurs--besides the washing machine, you might hear a softer quality to one of the sounds, or maybe sort of an extra sound in there.

    Don't forget that the smaller the defect, the louder the murmur. And focus on other signs when assessing a possible murmur--are the pulses normal or bounding.

    She may not get that part for a while, but there are so many "parts", it will come. Even experienced nurses will often say "I'm not good @ murmurs". IMO, no huge deal. She's still trying to put together a LOT of info.

    Good luck!