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After 17 years in NICU, I've finally decided to take the certification test. I'm taking a review class in April and will take the computer test, not written. Does anyone have any tips on... Read More

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    Gosh I don't know, I'm off the next week (I'll be studying)...but I'll look at my stuff and get back to you about it.
    Maybe it's just my unit that prefers the RNC and doesn't know about the CCRN? People tend to ask what others have done, and over the years, maybe it's just been RNC because of that. I'll have to ask around more at work, who knows? I'd like to take both eventually, just for my own personal peace of mind.
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    although i believe there is more than one certification organization for nicu nursing, the national cerification corporation for the obstetric, gynecologic and neonatal nursing specialties (ncc) is the most popular among nicus in the usa.

    they only specialize in areas of womens's health and neonatal nursing including nurse practitioners. they have tests for low risk neonatal nursing as well as the high risk (nicu) nursing, labor & delivery nursing, telephone nursing, women's health nursing, breastfeeding, and fetal monitoring. please see their web site for full information. all of our nurse practitioners where i worked when i took the test were required to pass the ncc neonatal nurse practitioner exam and they placed the credentials "rnc, nnp" behind their names.

    i took the test in 2000 and passed on the first attempt. i had worked in a level iii nicu for 2 1/2 years and on a mother-baby (mostly ante- and post-partum) for 6 years before that. the main book i studied was core curriculum for neonatal intensive care nursing . now they have a 3rd
    edition, by verklan & walden, 2004, saunders, isbn# 0721603947. my coworkers also studied this book. we would study together and on our own. i mostly studied alone though because of my lifestyle. the only nurses i worked with who had to take the test a second time were the ones who did not review at all the first time.

    i honestly believe that any nicu nurse who works full time for 2 years and cares for a variety of patients and keeps up with new knowledge (journals, conventions, ceus, etc.) should have no problem passing this exam.

    i will also recommend three other books:

    core review for neonatal intensive care nursing . there is a 2nd edition which is to be available this month (march 2005). i have the 2001 edition by watson, saunders, isbn# 0721696805. this book has 600 multiple choice questions similar to the ones on the nicu ncc exam. there are answers at the back along with rationales and references for more learning. it's fantastic as a preparation. it is a "companion" book to the "core curriculum..." above.

    if you feel you need more indepth study in a certain area i recommend:

    handbook of neonatal intensive care by merenstein and gardner, 5th edition, 2002, mosby, isbn# 0323014712.


    comprehensive neonatal nursing: a physiologic perspective by kenner and lott, 2003, saunders, isbn 0721697178.

    i support certification fully. i renew every three years and get 50% off the renewal price when i use learning module ceus from ncc. i love the ncc continuing education modules because they are informative and relate fully to my every day work. i will pay $50 for my three year renewal at the end of this year.

    when i took the exam it was offered twice a year at the largest city in my state. i understand that now the tests can be taken many times each year and that places like sylvan learning centers are approved to give the tests there. if you have a bunch of nurses who want to take the exam at your hospital, the ncc will send a representative to your hospital and you can sit for the test there.... no traveling involved. cool.

    wishing the best of luck to everyone who takes the exam!
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    I forgot all about bring that stuff for you...sorry.