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I had a really bad shift the other night, and can't stop thinking about what could've been done differently.I work in a 50 bed level3 NICU...we are combined with a step down/level2 nursery. All of... Read More

  1. by   gypsyatheart
    Quote from wjf00
    Sorry you had such a terrible night. Where I work ALL vents are 1:1, except on very very rare occasions you may have a grower feeder, but only until they get another nurse. Seems to me you would have been within your rights to refuse the admit. Never done that myself, but I have never had a vented pt. and been asked to admit. The unit I work on was just cited by one study, to have amoung the best outcomes in the nation..... well DUH! Staffing makes all the difference in outcomes. will have to PM me, when you have time, we are looking at moving to Sacramento, d/t my husband's job and possible transfer, and it would be nice to have an idea of the "good" hospitals there.
    Thanks for your comments also!
  2. by   dawngloves
    I was talking to a traveler that was just in CA and she told me all the vents are 1:1 there! The place she was at also had anyone <1000 g or any needy baby, like a cocaine withdrawl a 1:1! HEAVEN!!!!
  3. by   carriec
    That hospital in California sounds like heaven for a NICU nurse!!
    I'm so sorry that you had a night like that....I think one thing I've learned being a nicu nurse is learning to open my already big mouth and tell the charge nurse that she needs to assign one of your babies to someone else....or ask people to get you things...that will get them going...
    I remember about 11 years ago when I was in nursing school, and we had a couple of lectures on DELEGATING!!!
    Those people sitting on their rumps reading need to unglue themselves from those rocking chairs!!! OH THAT MAKES ME SO MAD!! I'm so sorry for you!!!
  4. by   gypsyatheart
    Yes, dawngloves and wjf00, please share the names of those hospitals! Even privately, if you wish! It would help to have a "heads up" especially when I don't know much about the hopsitals out there! Thanks...
    And carriec, thanks for the support!