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  1. Hi. I am looking for some information. My DIL is currently 34 weeks pregnant and taking something called subutex. I just recently found out about this after she and my son explained what it was, why she was taking this medication and what effects it may possibly have on the baby once she is born. After extensive research I had LOTS of questions for them, however, they didn't have some of the answers and actually had many questions of their own. Questions that I have tried getting answers to, but to no avail. I'm also very concerned after reading some of the things I have come across online.

    I was hoping a nurse who works at UAB (or anywhere in Alabama) in the nursery or even NICU could answer some or all of my questions.
    1.) How are these babies treated if they have withdrawals? I've read either morphine or methadone.

    2.) I've read even if baby shows no symptoms of withdrawals some hospitals require a mandatory 5-10 day stay. Is this the case at UAB?

    3.) Are the mothers allowed to breastfeed?

    4.) Are the babies drug tested? And if yes, how? This is one of my DIL and son's questions. Thought I'd ask since I'm a bit interested in the answer. They said it could be done either by urine, blood or meconium. I don't really understand how you would urine test a baby or take blood from one either. I would imagine the meconium would be the easiest, but I really don't understand how you drug test feces.

    There are many other questions, but those are a few that I've not been able to find answers for..
    This is going to be my first granddaughter! I'm excited but I'm also really sad that the baby may have a hard beginning at life. I'm not sure if anyone can tell me if there is anyway to decrease the chances of NAS? Most of what I've read said dose doesn't matter but that doesn't make any sense to me.
    Anyway, thanks to anyone who can help.

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  3. by   NicuGal
    Per terms of this site we can't answer medical questions. I would contact the facility itself, but it will be up to the parents to ask the questions of her OB. As the grandparent, they can not give you info unless the parents okay it. Also, if she is in a treatment program she should have a counselor to answer questions.
  4. by   TiffyRN
    Our moderators are not likely to permit any advice. I will provide a few tidbits of information. I know nothing of UAB's policies. Meconium is not truly feces. It is an accumulation of a variety of substances like intestinal lining cells, bile, swallowed amniotic fluid, even the infant's lanugo that they shed before they are born (if they are full-term). Meconium can show drug metabolites as long as 5 months before delivery. Because it is thick and sticky, it's not difficult to scoop off the diaper.

    Urine is not much of a challenge to collect on infants, Most of the time, a specially designed bag with adhesive on it is applied to the infant and checked frequently. Very little urine is needed (a teaspoon would be more than I've ever sent).

    Breastfeeding has been recommended for such mothers and infants unless contraindicated. This is a very subjective assessment and extremely variable in how doctors interpret and apply this.

    I wish you guys the best of luck. Extensive family support is so important.

    Neonatal Drug Withdrawal
  5. by   babyNP.
    I'm sorry, but this is not an appropriate venue for your questions. I hope your granddaughter has a short transition to go home, best of luck.
  6. by   gma2four
    Thank you ladies. My apologies, I was aware you weren't able to give medical advice, so I didn't mean for my questions to come across as that.
    And thank you tiffy for clearing that up for me, about the drug testing.
    I do believe she has tried asking her subutex doctor some of these questions, but he wasn't able to provide much help.
    I will try contacting the hospital to see if they can provide me with some answers. I suppose I should've done that first, but I came across this website while looking up NAS and thought I'd start here.
    Again, thank you.
  7. by   TiffyRN
    There is an older thread where a mom relays her experiences. I found it very insightful and helpful to my personal practice.
  8. by   Esme12
    We cannot give medical advice...thread closed

    Best wishes to your DIL and the new baby