Lullaby system for our feeders and growers?

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    First time poster. I looked through the threads and did not find one relating to this so if there if, I apologize for not finding it. I work in a level 2 & 3B NICU. We have our feeders and growers on a separate floor on a very nice little locked unit away from our level 3 babies. It's an 8 bed area little unit. Quite nice. As you all know though, once one of the little ones start crying they can feed off of each other like mad! If you've got 4 babies and 3 of them have the same touch time.....oh boy!!! I've downloaded a wonderful app for my iphone called "baby sleep" (It's free and has the best lullabies) which works great for one room at a time. It's made us wish we had a wireless system - or wireless speakers so that we could keep the lullaby machine at the nurses station and feed the lullaby into each of the 4 rooms with individual volume control for each room. Are there any NICU nurses out there who are aware of any such thing? I would like to get it as a Christmas present for our babies (and our nurses). I don't want to get four individual lullaby's as they would all just create noise if they are playing different lullabies at different times. I was hoping for something that would be in sync. Any thoughts are appreciated!
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  3. by   prmenrs
    Before I retired, I had a bunch of lullabies on my iPhone, I would put it in the baby's bed in a plastic bag w/volume set low. It works best if the baby is a little older. You wouldn't want to play it continuously, tho.

    I think you could get like a docking station device w/speakers in the different rooms.

    Everybody needs to be on board w/this plan, including the developmental folks in your unit-OTs or whatever you have. Work w/that group to implement your idea.
  4. by   xfitrn
    Thank you for that. I didn't even think about a docking station. That's a good idea. To your point, yes, this is for the area of our older babies. We actually use the lullabies now to help them calm down which works much better than some of the other methods (overused sweeties for example). Thanks for the docking station idea. I will look into it.
  5. by   krenee
    Thanks for the info about that app! I was thinking about trying some music for one of our chronic babies. I <3 radio doesn't have kids music.
  6. by   scb7620
    I work in a Level III NICU and with some of our stable feeder/growers we use lullabies too! I've just put Pandora on my phone- there is a great station called "Rockabye Baby" which plays modern-day songs in lullaby versions- enjoyable for nurses and babies.