Know of any conferences/conventions for 2003? Spill it!

  1. Dawngloves inspired me to have what I think may be a great idea! If anyone knows of pertinent neonatal-related conferences or meetings, please PM me with that information or leave it in this thread. I would like to create a thread that will be locked and stuck at the top of our forum that has that information easily accessible to all of us. After we have gathered a few resources (or as many as we can think of!) I'm going to create a new post, lock it, and stick it at the top of the forum. This post we are typing in now will be deleted, so if you're worried about losing comments later on, just include the link and no messge to the conference/convention you know of in your reply to this post I am typing now. Thanks!
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  3. by   nurseiam
    LAS VEGAS!!!!! Sept 3-6. At the same time there will be a kangaroo kare conference......I'm waiting for the the brochure. I have been to both conferences sponsered by ANN and they were great. This next on can be attended for less that $600. air/hotel/fee/breakfast/lunch/24(?)credits! Cannot be beat.....See ya there!
  4. by   dawngloves
    Hey! I was talking to my husband about Vegas last night and he said "Maybe" It'd be a nice weekend for us.