Is working in the NICU physically stressful?

  1. hi all,
    i'll be starting school in the spring and i'm interested in working in the nicu, hopefully, this remains constant thru out school. i've been told one could have a change of mind once clinicals start.
    well my question to you is
    is working in the nicu physically stressful?
    if so, what part of the body takes the most beat?
    is it easy to transition from nicu to other nursing specialities?

    thanks for answering my questions.
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  3. by   fergus51
    It does often involve a lot of standing like any nursing job, but I'd say it's less physically demanding than a lot of specialties because our patients are light.
  4. by   MegNeoNurse
    I work as a tech in both a NICU and an ICU - by FAR ICU is far more physically stressful than NICU. This is why I decided my first semester of nursing school that I am specializing and working in the NICU when I grad in May.
  5. by   Sweeper933
    It is much easier lifting your 3lb patients all day/night long compared to adults. However, we do have a lot of equipment to move around - isoletts, bedside carts, phototherapy lights, transporters (to and from DR...). While all of these things have wheels, they don't always drive the best. Like all nursing jobs, you can be on your feet a lot. I've had times where I have find myself doing stuff w/ a baby for over an hour straight (vitals, suctioning, bathing...) - meaning I'm standing on my feet working at the isolette for that entire hour...
  6. by   newonboard
    Thanks for all the reply. It's really interesting! I'm just trying to get a feel of as much specialties as possible.
    Starting school in January and I'm as nervous as can be.
    I really cant' wait for January to come. My DH must be tired of me by now I can't make one statement without wrapping it around NS.
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