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  1. Hi Everyone...

    I just wan to start by saying I read your posts often and they are all so wonderful...you are all great NICU nurses

    Ok so here is what I need some help on. I am graduating from nursing school in December and want more than anything to enter the NICU (this is the reason I entered nursing school) I am the mother of two micropreemies and felt that by being a nicu nurse I could really help these families...I truely know what they are going through.

    I am starting to apply for NICU jobs now..and I am scared of hearing "We usually don't take new grads into the ICU" Does anyone have any pointers on how to land a job in the NICU????? I know that people say to do a year of Med Surg first (and I wouldnt mind that on a peds floor) but I know more than anything I want to be a NICU nurse!!!!! Any help that anyone could give would be great.....

    Thanks So Much

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  3. by   nicumom
    I am graduating for nursing school in December, and REALLY want to be a NICU nurse. I am the mother of two micropreemies and I entered nursing because I felt like this is the way that I could help these parents...I really now what they are going through.

    Now that I am applying I want to know if anyone has any pointers to land a new grad position for the NICU. So many places want you to have experience...but how can I??? I have done everything I can studies wise (I am on the dean's list) but I need to know if there is anything that may help to get a NICU job as a new grad.

    By the way if this posts twice I'm sorry I am new at this


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  4. by   tofutti
    Don't have an answer for you except to say way to go on your website! I don't even know you and I thank God for your beautiful kids! Happy endings, yay.

  5. by   TeachEmNursing
    I see a lot of the new grads have better chances getting into a teaching hospital than a smaller, more private hospital. Also working in a pediatrics, post partum or regular nursery can be a bridge. Where I'm currently working, student nurses are hired during their last year of school then after they pass boards they start working there.

    Good luck to you, your kids are beautiful
  6. by   Imafloat
    Does your state require a senior practicum before you can sit for boards? If so, try to get yoru practicum in the NICU. This will give your potential employer a chance to get to know you. Best of luck to you!
  7. by   lovemyjob
    I have to say, nursery is an excellent place to start. My nurse manager says that you should know what a healthy baby looks like before you delve into sick ones. I started in the nursery...but we did abx treatment, d10 for IDM, etc. I got lots of IV practice, practice on labs, etc. I would suggest you put in apps for both, as well as post partum (you will get some baby experience if they are doing couplet care.)

    BTW, your website is great and your children are beautiful miracles!
  8. by   ambraberger
    Try to get some clinical hours in the NICU. That is what helped me get my job. I always knew I wanted to get into the NICU and I'm still shocked I'm there. I just graduated this past May and our orientation started Aug 7. It lasts for 40 weeks. They hired 8 new grads. Guess it just depends on your hospitals. Your personal experience will count for something too! Good Luck! Ambra
  9. by   BabyNurse513
    I see you are from the suburbs of Philly. I don't know if you are looking at NICU's in Philly but I started as a new grad in the NICU at HUP and though I have since relocated I know for a fact that they still hire new grads and are hiring at the moment. I worked there for 2.5 years and loved it. Good Luck!