how many nurses work at NICU

  1. hello guys.. am new here.. and am from brunei.. and this year i have to do my project regarding to managing parents stress in NICU, so i need to know how many nurses work at NICU in one shift and 1 nurses looking after how many neonates? cause in my country, only 4 nurses work in one shift, and one nurses looking after 4 babies.. so i need to know about other country.. thank you...
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  3. by   elizabells
    The total number depends on how many beds in the unit. The number of patients per nurse depends on how sick the babies are. Assignments at my hospital range from 1:1 for very sick babies to 1:4 for babies who aren't so sick. We have about 65 babies, usually, and 23-25 nurses on each shift. We are one of the bigger units in my area, I believe.
  4. by   katesmom
    Im a secretary in a NICU. We have critical babies that are generally 2 patient assignments to 1 nurse. We also have intermediate babies (stable) they are 4 patients to 1 nurse.

    We staff 14 to 16 Nurses. We generally have 40 babies in our ICN
  5. by   RainDreamer
    I work in a level III, 65 bed unit. 1 nurse can have 1 or 2 ICU babies, depending on acuity. 1 nurse in the intermediate care nursey can have 3 babies. When we're full we use ~30 nurses, give or take a few, depending on how high the acuity, but normally we have higher acuity patients, so we staff more nurses usually.