How do your docs do rounds? - page 2

And how do you give report? Our docs sit in the middle of the unit and do their rounds and reports. I have suggested we keep the unit closed to parents and visitors at this time, but I'm sure that... Read More

  1. by   Mimi2RN
    We have no problem closing the nursery during report. Parents are told about this when the babe is admitted. We have a handout with this info, and also they are told they may be asked to leave if another baby is really sick, while we intubate and put in lines, or we are having a delivery, and we know it's going to be bad. I tell them it's a confidentiality issue.

    I have more problem with family members who sit at the bedside for hours, and watch and listen to everything that is going on around them. They soon find out about the babies, and when they talk to parents who have just arrived, and tell them what has been happening, that's trouble!