english neonatal nurse needs advice!

  1. hello everyone, hope u r all well. my name is leo and im a28 yr old neonatal nurse in Lincoln UK. i need some advice as im going through a really hard time in my life right now with the end of a marriage and the loss of all that i thought i had and had to come.
    the thing is, i feel i want to emmigrate and start a new life somewhere with better weather and hopefully a better standard of living for a single male nurse! i just wondered if people wud tell me what nursing is like in USA and australia as these are my two choices!
    if anyone knows of job offer...! thanks anyway...
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  3. by   dawngloves
    I would think most anywhere in the states would snap up an experienced nurse! What typeof enviroment are you looking for? Urban? Rural? What level nursery? So many choices here....
  4. by   webbiedebbie
    Sorry to hear about your situation. My marriage ended after 20 years.

    There are many opportunities here in the U.S. Check the website for hospitals in the states you are interested in.

    Since I don't know what nursing is like where you live, I can't make a comparison. You might try through a travel company and work an assignment for 13 weeks to see if you really like the areas.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  5. by   RN from OZ
    You would have no trouble here in Oz finding a job in NICU.
    We have alot of UK nurses where I work that came for a holiday and came back to stay.
  6. by   NurseAmy
    A travel nurse I know worked for more than a year in the UK, and says the difference between UK nursing and USA nursing is that nurses here in the USA have much more responsibility. We start IVs and hang blood were the two things she mentioned.
    A few travel companies will help you with coming to the USA for work. I believe Bridge Staffing is one that does, and they are a good company. If you check on the travel nurse forum here and on the delphiforums Travel Nurses and Therapists forum, you may be able to get more information.
    I am a travel nurse that only does NICU.

  7. by   Leofric
    thanks 4 the responses. at the mo i am on holiday in cyprus and it is really hot!
    i would prefer to work in a smaller NICU to begin with i think so i could get used to all the differences of working abroad! i would also prefer a smaller town or city i think or a more rural area?
    i have been consulting with some agencies and the time to get a green card and pass NCLEX is about 18 mnths!!!
    anyone suggest a hospital they think may be interested in sponsoring me direct?
    one other thing... someone said to me that i shouldnt go to the states as you are more likely to get sued etc at the drop of a hat!!! any thoughts on this one???!!! i imagine like here that if you do your job right according to local procedures etc then its not too much of a problem, or am i been naive???!!
    thanks again for the kind words of support. i am pretty low at the mo soi its nice to feel a connection with like minded nurses from far away. this board is always so insightful and feels pretty caring in my opinion! well, better go and get on the beach i guess as back to rainy england saturday!!! thanks again! leo
  8. by   dawngloves
    You must be crazy to go to Cyprus in July! :lol
    Your agency would probably be helpful in placing you where you want.I thought there was a big campaign to recruite nurses from the UK and bring them here? I wonder where they all went?
    Most smaller, rural hospitals have level II NICUs. Their is a big need in the South and I bet there are many rural hospitals there.
    Yeah, suing people in the US is akin to playing the lottery. In my 7 years of nursing I know one nurse that was named in a lawsuit for a fall, so it's nnot as bad as you think.
    Enjoy your holiday!