Development care for our preemies

  1. I always believe that devlopment care is crucial the moment these tiny babies arrive in NICU , proper positioning is very important ! I 've read about some positioning aids and products which helps in development care .

    However my idea is not greatly supported by other colleagues and even the docs. too . The reason being these babies are too sick to be handled and certain positions actually hinders our observation of the babies especially those on iv lines , chest drains etc. I feel that with proper position aids and proper teaching , development care should be able to establish .

    I 've spoken to my CNS about it and she do agree there 's some resistance from our staff towards this matter . Besides that these positioning aids are rather costly too but she has agreed to purchase 2 freddy frogs and try out .
    Pls share with me regarding this issue .
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  3. by   dawngloves
    I think your resistant docs and nurses should do a follow up on some of your 25,26, 27 weekers that go home. Those not postioned properly, neutral postioned with arms and legs flexed, have terrible gross motor problems. I've seen pictures of toddlers that could not walk because their legs were in a locked, splayed open postion from spending weeks like that in NICU.
    Babies that are, "nested" have fewer neuro problems and gain weight faster than those left flat on an open warmer.Gel pads prevent skinbreakdown and "toasterhead".
    Maybe you can get someone from CMV to send you a video to inservice these guys?
  4. by   KRVRN
    And don't forget, even the most "hooked up" preemies can still be positioned with arms and legs flexed. A few rolled up hospital t-shirts are usually just the right size to put rolls around the baby. You don't necessarily need costly positioners, cloth diapers and t-shirts can make great nests! Maybe you can't decrease sound much with linens, but you can always cover the baby's eyes with a cloth for decreasing light. Also, sedation is a good thing, even if the baby isn't wiggling much... sometimes it cuts down on desats.