Complete list of NNP graduate programs

  1. ***2014 update, this list is very outdated (over 5 years), please see my post on this, post #32

    Ways that I searched

    American Academy of NPs programs-

    Google search "neonatal nurse practioner" with limits of English pages-

    Programs by order of state with website

    University of Alabama AL (Birmingham)
    University of South Alabama AL (Mobile)

    Loma Linda University CA (Loma Linda)

    Regis University CO (Denver)

    University of Connecticut CT (Storrs)

    University of Florida FL (Gainesville) 32
    University Health Science Center FL (Jacksonville)

    Rush University IL (Chicago)

    Indiana University

    University of Louisville KY (Louisville)

    Northwestern State U LA (Natchitoches)

    Wayne State University MI (Detroit)

    College of St. Catherine MN (St. Paul)

    Barnes Jewish College MO (St. Louis)

    U of Missouri MS (Kansas City)

    Creighton University NE (Omaha)
    University of Nebraska NE (Omaha)

    New York
    Columbia University NY (NYC)
    U of Rochester NY (Rochester)

    North Carolina
    Duke University Durham (NC)

    University of Cincinnati OH (Cincinnati)
    Case Western Reserve U OH (Cleveland)

    University of Oklahoma OK (Oklahoma City)

    Thomas Jefferson University PA (Philadelphia)
    University of Pennsylvania PA (Philadelphia)

    South Carolina
    Medical University of South Carolina SC (Charleston)

    South Dakota
    South Dakota State University SD (Brookings)

    University of Tennessee TN (Memphis)
    Vanderbilt University TN (Nashville)

    University of Texas TX (Arlington)
    University of Texas TX (Austin)
    Baylor University TX (Dallas)
    U of Texas Medical Branch TX (Galveston)

    University of Utah UT (Salt Lake City)

    University of Washington WA (Seattle)

    West Virginia
    West Virginia University WV (Morgantown)
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  3. by   CaliNicuRN
    I think that UCSF has a NNP on campus. Is there such a thing as an online NNP?
  4. by   babyNP.
    Right you are! It's actually pretty frustrating that there is no complete list anywhere.

    I can't edit the post, but here's UCSF's link:

    There are some online classes (Rush comes to mind) although you still need to do clinicals (you can arrange it in your own place) physically and you still need 2 years of NICU experience, one of them level 3.
  5. by   babyNP.
    Argh, annoying. Seems like they're popping up everywhere despite my thorough search...

    Indiana Universiy
  6. by   NStiger88
    Louisiana State university Health Sciences Center in New orleans has an NNP school
  7. by   SteveNNP
    Thanks for the great thread! I'm going to sticky this and rename the thread to show up in searches better. I'll also try to add some myself.

    I added the new finds (UCSF and IU) to the original post...

  8. by   babyNP.
    NStiger, I couldn't find a link to the LA school you mentioned. Can you post it here?
  9. by   PacoUSA
    My dream is to enroll and complete the NNP program @ Columbia in NYC. I want to work at the hospital where I was once a preemie (New York-Presbyterian).
  10. by   Carrig RN
    Northeastern University in Mass -
  11. by   Megan30291
    Ohio State University has one:
  12. by   mappy
    University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) has an NNP program which has some core classes online.
  13. by   ShelbyMaser
    University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing also has a very well know Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program :-D
  14. by   babyNP.
    It's so odd that the Academy of NPs and allnursing schools, search engines don't pull these up! Steve, here's the Pittsburgh link: