Complete list of NNP graduate programs - page 2

***2014 update, this list is very outdated (over 5 years), please see my post on this, post #32 Ways that I searched American Academy of NPs programs- Read More

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    thanks babyRN, I forgot to attach the link!
  2. by   babyNP.
    whoa! Okay, more programs to list:

    Arizona State University (Tempe)-

    LSU Health Sciences center (New Orleans)-

    Northeastern University (Boston)-

    North Carolina
    East Carolina University (Greenville)-

    New York
    Stony Brook University (Stony Brook)-

    Courtesy of NANN. Wow. I'm so glad that this list is being compiled because there is such conflicting data out there and so many universities being missed out from prospective students. There's no ranking system is there?
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    great post!
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  4. by   slusongd
    Hi Everyone, I realize this thread was going around about a year ago, but I'm new to the site and looking for a post-masters NNP program. I'm wondering if any of you have heard rankings for the schools. I can go anywhere, and I'd like to make sure I'm picking a good program. I'd love some advice...thanks!
  5. by   babyNP.
    There are no ranking systems as far as I am aware, except for US News and World Report on graduate nursing programs. However, these are ranked as a whole and not by specialty. NICU is such a different animal in the world of nursing that I would suggest looking at the individual sites and look at their programs instead...

    You should also be aware that you will need at least two years of NICU experience, one of them at least level 3.
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  7. by   babyNP.
    Hey guys,

    that long awaited ranking/comparison, etc of all the schools I promised a year ago is almost now complete! Added all the extra schools (43 in total in this country! though not all of them are currently active) and categorized them by U.S. news and world ranked, in-state tuition, out-of-state tuition, neo pharm class or not, GREs req'd, DNP/MSN, and length.

    It's been rather tedious and frustrating at times (I think the schools need to actually look at their own navigation bars and see how hard it is to find their own info!), but also has given me a great insight into the different programs.

    I have about 10 more schools to maybe sometime this next week
  8. by   dolphinbeauty09
    I saw a previous post about how you need 2 years of NICU experience with at least one year at a Level III. I contacted ECU about their NNP program and was told by the head of the program that you have to have 2 years of Level III NICU experience. I don't know if this is a requirement for all schools or just at ECU (East Carolina University, btw). Just thought I would post that little bit of information for those interested in pursuing an NNP like me ... I also know that ECU is an online MSN-NNP program (along with a few others) and they are very flexible with working with the hospitals in your area for the clinicals! My sister-in-law is completing her 2 years in a NICU at UNC right now, and hopefully I'll be completing my two years once I get my BSN (hopefully by Fall/Winter 2012).
  9. by   Rachelwhs2013
    Is there any online or in Maryland, Washington DC, or Delaware? And the West Virginia link is broken.
  10. by   babyNP.
    Nope. There used to be one at University of Maryland apparently, but not anymore. Closest place is probably UPenn.
  11. by   MsV.
    i just thought i would share that this program:
    university of oklahoma ok (oklahoma city)

    has been discontinued for now. no word on whether or not they plan to reopen it at a later date.
  12. by   Gat0rRN
    I know this thread hasn't been touched in a little while, but I thought I'd try to stir up some more conversation. Does anyone have any updates?

    I've been doing some research and found a few things...

    The online program at UMKC will change soon. They're transitioning to the DNP program. I believe that Fall of 2012 will be the last MSN, NNP class that they have.

    The program at Duke is not online and has a very limited number of spots available for NNP students. They're also changing their applications deadlines soon, so keep an eye on their website.

    I think the University of Florida may have completely moved to DNP, not positive.

    Anyone else have input on online (or otherwise) programs they've looked into or are part of?
  13. by   Vandy_2012_NNP
    Hey all,

    Just an FYI, there's a push out there to require a DNP as the "introductory level" for APRN's. Meaning, your MSN will be grandfathered in if you obtain it before (assuming this gets passed) the date set. Initially, they were talking about 2015, not sure what the date is now.

    NOTE: If you live in NYS, and you want to work in NYS as a NNP upon completing your education -- you cannot do clinicals in NYS if your program is not "registered" by the NYS BoN (i.e. Stony Brook, Columbia, UofR, UPenn -- only "registered" programs in NYS). You will have to do clinicals outside of NYS if you're doing a "distance-learning/online" program not run by one of those 4 schools. Finding clinical sites is very time consuming, and at times - frustrating! (Despite being expensive) Also, you will have to take a separate course (if you don't obtain your NNP from 1 of those 4 schools) specific for NYS re: pharmacology/prescribing upon completing your NNP program (I think it costs $200+).