anyone work in very small nicu units?

  1. I work in a 5 bed level II nicu and was wondering if anyone else out there works in a small unit. Most of the time there are only 2 or 3 RNs working the shift. These nurses go to all C/S and high risk delivieries along with a patient care load. It can get pretty crazy when we get a micro-preemie or very sick admit. The admission and stabilization is done before the transport team arrives. We transport out all of our babies that need to be on vents or surgical cases. We keep infants on O2 via hood or NC. have Lines and multiple meds. Most of our patients are R/O Sepsis with abx, preemies with TPN and grower-feeders. I just wanted to get some feedback and what is like at other small nicu units.:Ball:
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  3. by   prmenrs
    You're singing my song! I spent most of my career in a tertiary hospital and retired from it a few years ago. I found a Level 2 w/a total of 10 beds, but 2 are "transition" beds. I love that place. It's a very intimate group, but we find ways of getting of getting along, one helping the other throughout the shift.

    I'm grateful for the less intense nature of this unit. Plenty of time to hold, feed and enjoy the babies in addition to meeting their more technical needs. We still have to be ready for sick baby, to have the knowledge and skills to care for them until the transport team gets there.
  4. by   asher315
    Sounds like my place, too! I have tried the large Level III's and I keep coming back to the Level II's because I like the challenge of a stablizing of a very sick baby and sending them elsewhere. But I really like the TTN's, feeder/growers and pneumonia kids that get better and go home usually in days to 3-4 weeks. I like working with the families. And I am amazed every time I go to a delivery at the complexity and beauty of the starting of a new life!

    I work in a 6 (official number) bed ICN with usually 2 RN's on at all times. We attend all high-risk deliveries, all c/sections and some "normal" ones. We transition the c/s babies and help with assessments and general nursery

    I learn alot from all of you, thanks!
  5. by   Jme2007
    I am a new graduate and I start my new job at a level II with 12 beds right after the new year. I did a rotation as a student at a nearby Children's hospital that was a level III - C with 42 beds and expanding to 70, but I liked the feeling I had in my smaller unit and am very happy that I chose to go to a level II.

    I too, learn a lot from all of you! I hope to have more to share with you all soon! Thanks!
  6. by   anrn1995
    I did a Level II nursery for 4 years and I loved it. Neonatal nsg will always be my first love. I just got burned out. The 12 hours were getting to be too much. I am in home health now and none of the nurses like to see any babies so I relish it when I can get my hands on a baby!!!!!
  7. by   rentina
    I used to work in a Level II 10 bed NICU and I loved it! I loved working with a smaller group of nurses and we also went to all the C/S and high-risk vaginal deliveries. The only babies we didn't keep were those that required high frequency and surgery. You really get to know the babies and their families.