Alt Prep for NICU?

  1. he everyone,

    i would love to work in nicu ultimately, but in the event i cannot obtain a new grad position in that specialty right away, i was wondering what other nursing areas i should enter that would prepare me well until the perfect nicu opportunity comes along. med/surg? cicu? er? skilled nursing?

    thanks! and btw, i thought this vid was so cute

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    BUMP ... anyone? Thanks!
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    i don't know about a perfect specialty that will prepare you for the nicu, but i first was a med/oncology nurse, did some ltc/rehab, worked pediatric home health, and also worked with some alzheimer's patients before i went to nicu. i have always liked kids, and when this position opened up, i jumped at it. been here for 3+ years (been an rn for 6+ yrs). our unit has recently hired new grad rns to start, so i guess it depends if you really want to jump into the nicu or get some experience elsewhere before trying it. but whatever you decide to do, give it your all, and good luck!