Adult ICU nurse really wanting NICU

  1. Im an adult ICU nurse with 5 months experience. My goal coming out of school was to be a NICU nurse but I got hired right away into adult critical care. I enjoy my job and I'm very grateful for it, but it isn't were my heart is. I have been applying to every NICU job posting I have come across with no luck. New grad programs and all. The closest I have gotten was one shadow day at a hospital in my neighborhood, but that was as far as it went.
    A bit about myself; I graduated in August. Im an ADN with 5 months experience in adult critical care. I completed the Essentials of Critical Care orientation program at my current hospital. (not sure if any other states have this, but it is basically a GN program for critical care with classroom education)
    If anyone has and experience or tips from a similar situation, any advice on how to enter the NICU would be very much appreciated
    Thanks all
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  3. by   All4NursingRN
    Perhaps you two should trade places......

    and might I add that I'd like to do NICU and adult ICU, currently in ER.
  4. by   kheemooy
    Quote from All4NursingRN
    Perhaps you two should trade places......

    and might I add that I'd like to do NICU and adult ICU, currently in ER.
    lol. we might as well trade places. But I just realized maybe I'm really for NICU. I mean, practically speaking NICU is still critical care and no matter what we get paid the same (here in Canada). My professor advised me, just pursue NICU, he considers my size since I'm a petite nurse and a lot of ICU nurses break their back from turning big patients, which I think is true. I'm not used to turning big patients, and I don't wanna push myself beyond my limitation.

    If you really want NICU, try taking NRP course or NALS, this would really look good on your resume. It's a requirement when u want to get into NICU. I think it would be easy for you to land a NICU job since you have some adult ICU experience. NICU is fun, and you learn so much. Plus, seeing the babies take away the stress from a long day at work. Goodluck on your jobhunt.
  5. by   KT17
    I don't know about other hospitals, but my unit doesn't really hire ADNs any more. You may want to invest the time and money into doing a bridge program for your BSN. Is tuition assistance offered at your hospital? I would also see if you can arrange to speak with or meet the nurse manager for the NICU in your current hospital to let them know you're interested in working with them so they will keep you in mind. Also, in my unit we put anyone not experienced in the NICU through our new grad training program and the person that hires for that is different than the unit manager...maybe try to find out who is in charge of training new grads?

    Just a few thoughts...good luck to you!