AAAAGGGHHHH! Need to vent about this morning!

  1. Last night went WAAAY too easily...... I have 3 babies: 2 crappy po feeders and a NCPAP/NPO. So I manage to stay on top of it all until 6am. Suddenly all hell breaks loose. One of the crappy po feeders has projectile vomited all over her fresh bed/clothes, after I cleaned up her bed/space for day shift.... Have to clean her up. Then I go to check my NCPAP 31 weeker's PIV only to find that his left bicep is as big as Popeye's compared to his left.
    OK, Ok, I say to myself, I still have the INT in his foot that I flushed 2 hours ago with heparin. SO I dc the IV and try to flush the INT. No luck. So now no IV. 3 of us "experienced" RN's stick him 5 times, no dice, blow, blow, blow. Labs come back: Calcium is 7.....still no IV. Then he starts bradying to the 70's without desatting, no response to stim. Check temp, then realize he's just had a huge poop. HR finally comes up. Meanwhile the other crappy PO feeder is screaming his head off, BC I haven't fed him, and 2 other RN's babies' IV's are out and can't help feed him. SO I drop a quick OG feed and give report while attempting to chart the madness of the last hour as dayshift walks in. I had to leave the IV for the dayshift resource RN so she could use the 2 last good veins for a PICC. Don't you HATE it when stuff like this happens! I'm so tired I could fall out of my chair writing this..... good thing I'm off tonight!!!:trout:
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  3. by   2curlygirls
    I hate 6. I work days so I hate 1800. It's the witching hour. Our 1800 mantra "24 hour care, 24 hour care" It sucks to pass things off on to the next shift, especially a mess, but it isn't always avoidable.
    Glad you're off tonight. Get some well deserved rest!
  4. by   suzanne4
    Just remember that old phrase "Kids do the wierdest things" ....they forget that infants can do it as well.

    And let this serve as a reminder that working in a nursery is not always a bed of roses, even with the feeders and growers........crap does happen and it comes in groups of threes............There are some out there that think it is very cush just to have the F and G kids, but it is definitely not always the case.

    (((((((((((hugs to you))))))))))))))))))looks like you got the three in your one assignment. Glad that you have some time off.