2003 Nursing Conferences

  1. is anyone planning on attending any of these?

    do you know of any other meetings, conferences or other very good ceu educational opportunities you'd like to add?

    4th annual nicu nurse managers leadership forum
    april 24-27, 2003
    desert springs mariott resort & spa, palm desert, ca

    3rd national neonatal nurses meeting
    sept. 4-6, 2003
    las vegas hilton, las vegas, nv

    6th annual national mother-baby nurses conference
    sept. 4-6, 2003
    las vegas hilton, las vegas, nv

    2003 national association of neonatal nurses annual conference
    oct. 8-11, 2003
    wyndham palm springs hotel & palm springs convention center, palm springs, ca

    2nd international kangaroo care congress
    sept 3-6, 2003
    las vegas hilton, las vegas, nv
    (couldn't find a web link for this but it's mentioned on this web site: neonatal network
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  3. by   NICU_Nurse
    The brochure on the Kangaroo Congress is supposed to be included in the upcoming issue of Neonatal Network magazine. I believe if you contact NN directly they can provide you with more information.
  4. by   NICU_Nurse
    http://www.contemporaryforums.com/calendar.asp lists a number of neonatal-related conferences on their site, one of which has already passed.
  5. by   Heather333
    I'm thinking about going to the one is Vegas in Sept. Looks like a good conference.

  6. by   Anaclaire
    This week I received a CD-ROM from Contemporary Forums titled "Neonatal Nursing" which has 12 different lessons which each have a test I can send in for CEUs. I think each CEU is $6 per hour but don't quote me... This is the first contact I've ever had with Contemporary Forums and I'm hoping it will be interesting and helpful.

    My husband and I go to Las Vegas each year and we are seriously looking into going in September instead of our usual November time frame so I can attend the 3rd Annual A.N.N. Meeting.

    My parents live in Desert Hot Springs, CA which is about 20 miles from Palm Springs. I'd love to be able to attend the NANN meeting and save some bucks by staying with my parents instead of the hotel. I'm not sure what all will be happening in my life in October but I'm hoping I can work things out to go.

    By the way, I receive a lot of CEUs from the organization that I have my certification with, N.C.C. (National Certification Corporation). Their web site is: www.nccnet.org if anyone is interested.

    I've never been able to attend a A.N.N. or N.A.N.N. nursing conference but assume they are similar to others I've been to. Being national organizations I'm thinking they would be more interesting in many ways. Any comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks Kristi and Heather for your posts!

  7. by   NICU_Nurse
    I've been told that though both conferences are very good, the NANN conference offers topics that cater to more advanced nurses, AP neonatal nurses, etc., and that the ANN conference has more of a balanced agenda (topics for both newer nurses as well as those who have been in the field for a while). I've never been, either, so I can only relay information from others. ;>)
  8. by   Anaclaire
    That makes sense to me Kristi because I've been noticing that since NANN and Neonatal Network split, that the NANN articles and advertisements in their new journal, Advances in Neonatal Care, seem to be directed more toward NNPs and other APNs. I do like the journal though and plan to continue being a member of each organization. I soak up all the NICU education I can... LOL.

    Thanks for your input. Hopefully I can attend one or both and be able to speak from experience in the future.

    By the way, I noticed that one of the main speakers who is expected to be at the ANN conference in Las Vegas is Richard A. Polin, MD. He co-authored one of my favorite books, "Workbook in Practical Neonatology, Third Edition" published by WB Saunders. (ISBN# 0-7216-7986-2). I think it's a fantistic book because it not only explains many diseases and illnesses, it also includes case studies and then complete explanations of for the recommended therapies, as well as question/answer type formats, etc. I think it's more geared toward neonatologists but I found it fascinating and have learned sooo much from it.

    I'd love to go to that conference just to hear him speak... maybe even take my book along and see if he'd sign it! LOL!! ;-D
  9. by   NicuGal
    Not this year, but next year I really want to....they are going to have the conference at Disney World at Coronado Springs
  10. by   cindyln
    I would love to attend the mother-baby one. Just wish there wasn't a week between it and the allnurses get-together. I can't justify with work staying over an extra week.