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I am seeking help as I don't know what to do. I am a new graduate who landed a dream job in a NICU. During my probationary period, they changed my preceptor due to her lack of training/instruction. They did this after witnessing her interact with me. They then placed me under a preceptor who rolled eyes constantly at my questions and only permitted me limited hands-on experience. The NICU is small, they all worked together for decades and I was constantly subjected to passive aggression. They did not want me there. I was let go being advised I was not a good fit. I have interviewed twice since then with no success. How do I recover from this? I have done nothing but cry and feel hopeless and fear I will never again get another NICU opportunity. I need help- insight and a strategy. Please help me. 


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I think one of the most important things when looking for a position or just to keep in your back pocket - is a great network of individuals in your field.

Find connections with individuals in NICUs in your area - look up residency programs and research other methods in which to get into the NICU. 

Persistence is key in this situation and it can be rough finding that dream job. Passive aggressive and bullying is never tolerated - it's said to hear it's happening in the hospital. 

It never hurts to reach out to NICUs in which you are interested - ask about residency programs and when/where to apply. Advocate and believe in yourself - you WILL get there 🙂



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Are you able and willing to move to a location that will hire you into the NICU?

There are hospitals that are willing to hire you, but you need to be willing to move there.

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What was so poor about the fit?Before you get another position you must be clear in your own head as to why they let you go/fired you.How bad was the situation? It is true that it can take several tries to find the right place especially if you are not a butt kisser by nature and you know how to stand up for yourself...they never like that ..[LOL] I wonder why? Continue to keep your credentials fresh and up to date and try again someplace else or even something not nicu related but may open up a door to a new position,it can happen.When it does do not discuss your business with anyone ,just do your work,watch your back.


Did you figure this out? I'm in the same situation

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Ouch that was a hurtful firing...You need to rebuild confidence,see if you can learn what the lack of fit actually was,cliques do exist and if everyone then was a grad of XXXschool,you are out,not welcome.Try thru an agency to work in other areas temporarilly,get counseling,it gets better but the beginning is always rough,

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