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Has anyone applied to the 2016 NHSC for NP's in primary care?

I have applied. I don't have the strongest numbers, but I did come from disadvantaged background, so I'm hoping I have a shot.

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I don't think that is a consideration for this program

On page 16 of the guidance packet, right under funding preference, the first bullet states:

  • The NHSC will give priority to an applicant who has characteristics that indicate a higher likelihood of continuing to practice in a HPSA once the service commitment is completed and who comes from a disadvantaged background.

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Well I guess I'm disadvantaged too with a DTI greater than 150%


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Hello! I've applied, just waiting to hear if I've been awarded the scholarship or not.


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I applied last year. I had a HPSA score of 14 with an 80-90% DTI ratio. I was passed over, and they waited until the very last day to tell me.

I made some work changes so I could apply to both NHSC AND nurse corps loan repayment. I remember hearing last year that some people got responses by July. Waiting until October last year was awful. I guess they don't know if more money will trickle down, so they delay to the last minute unless they know that you are a definite yes or no.

A friend of mine applied 3-4 times before getting it. I'm not sure whether longevity in an underseved clinic helps. The factors that go into decision making for these do seem somewhat vague to me.

EDITED TO ADD: this if for loan repayment, not scholarship.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree that the wait is pretty excruciating.


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I applied for the LRP this year as well.. My facility is a 16 and my DTI ratio is about 120%. Fingers crossed! October seems so far away...


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I have applied for the loan repayment for NP's through NHSC, but I don't remember seeing anything about DTI. Did I miss something?


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Mention of the DTI (debt to income ratio) is buried in the verbiage about the loan repayment program. They don't really discuss it much at all. The decision making process is rather murky when you really look. I think they look at multiple factors.


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I applied for the scholarship, my credit was pulled last week so I'm cautiously optimistic.