Does anybody have any literature regarding the use of low continuous vs LIS on a NGT/OGT? One of our physician's is insisting that the literature shows that LCS is more effective and safe than LIS but we have been unable to find this literature and he has been unable to produce it himself. Thanks! :yeah:

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All I know is that with a vented tube (Salem Sump), you're supposed to use continuous suction.

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in school, i was taught lcs for salem sumps (vented). if intermittent suction is used, it needs to be medium suction.

nurses (and docs) tend to be so resistant to the idea of using continuous sxn becasue of potential damage to the gastric mucosa. but, that is just what the salem sump was designed to avoid, while acheiving better gastric emptying, since it can be placed to continuous suction.

we'd have less trouble with the dang things if we'd use them correctly (lcs).

regular ngts (non-vented) should be lis.

this is the only on-line source i can find, and it is only the first page. i'll try to see if i can find any sources in my notes from school, if i still have them.

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