Hi everyone,

New grad RN here. Currently, I am just waiting on my BON to receive my Letter of Completion, assign my ATT#, and then I am eligible to take my exam! Has anyone taken the NextGEN NCLEX yet and would like to offer some insight on how the test is?

Currently, I am doing roughly ~100 questions on UWorld a day. I also have Kaplan's test bank as well; alternating between the two. I took one predictor exam through UWorld and had a "Very High" chance of passing. I like the new format of the questions and partial credit scoring. I feel prepared but I am really not a good test taker, so any insight would be appreciated?

Good luck to everyone!

- Ashley

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The Nextgen NCLEX is almost the same as the one in UWorld, you are in the right track if you have it as one of you reviewer. 😃