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I am finishing up the last month of my first travel assignment in Asheville NC. I work oncology and medsurg. I am in the process of figuring out my next location which will be November - February. Does anyone have any suggestions on good locations for the winter months with quick licensure? My recruiter gave some options to start- Scottsdale Arizona, Seattle Washington, Fairfax Virginia, Bethesda Maryland are a few. I've never been to any of these locations, but I'm mainly looking for an area with nice weather, a fun area hopefully hiking and other outdoor activities. Any suggestions?


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Of the areas you listed, AZ would be the best if you want to play outdoors this winter. Very mild and pleasant weather. Close to Vegas or Cali if you wanted a quick trip. Seattle would be very wet!


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What company are you with that is suggesting Bethesda? Is that a military hospital? I ask because I would LOVE to work in Bethesda at a military hospital. I'm in NH right now working at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Very pretty area, very unorganized hospital. Considering asking my recruiter to end my assignment early.