what should i do next after CVS for nys?

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hey guys,

good day, im a registered nurse in the Philippines and im residing in NY. im petitioned by my family. i have applied for CVS for NYS 8 mos ago and now its just awaiting for the approval in CGFNS. im unsure as to what to do next because i want to apply a limited permit for RN ,while on that, I plan to take the LPN exam so i will have a fall back if the i didnt have the luck in my NCLEX exam.

should i apply or submit my application for the limited RN permit first


should i apply the application for the exam for LPN Licensure?


do i wait for the att from the CGFNS or the NYSED? where is it going to come from anyways?

sorry its very confusing, really!

thank you for your help. it is very much appreciated.

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Moving to World Nursing / Nurse Registration forum to elicit further response. You would still have to await for CFGNS to complete your educational evaluation before you could sit for the NCLEX-PN so why not wait for the process to be complete and apply for the RN license and NCLEX-RN authorization?

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Check with CGFNS as usually they wait 6 months and then forward everything to NY BON. have you submitted application to BON?

ATT comes from pearsonvue once BON approves you to sit NCLEX

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