Nursing Shortage Challenges 5-Year-Old Pennsylvania Boy's Preschool Attendance

Cayden, who suffers from infantile-onset Pompe disease, relies on a nurse to attend preschool. Articles News

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A 5-year-old boy named Cayden has been thriving in a local preschool program, but the absence of his usual nurse has posed challenges to his continued attendance.

Cayden, who suffers from infantile-onset Pompe disease, relies on a nurse for assistance with mobility, feeding through a gastrostomy tube, and personal care. Unfortunately, his usual nurse recently broke her foot and requires time to heal, leaving Cayden without the necessary support to attend school.

Despite his physical limitations, Cayden has been embracing the preschool experience, making friends, and soaking up knowledge to prepare for his upcoming kindergarten transition. However, the lack of nurse coverage has forced him to stay home for two weeks.

In an article from Pompe Disease News, Cayden's mother empathizes with the challenges faced by the nursing agency in finding a replacement. While the agency continues its efforts to secure coverage, Cayden's preschool education remains on hold.

Impact of Cayden's Absence

The impact of Cayden's absence is not limited to his personal experience alone. His teacher has revealed that his classmates miss him dearly and frequently inquire about his return. To alleviate his longing for school and social interaction, the class recently arranged a special FaceTime session, allowing Cayden to reconnect with his friends virtually.

As Cayden's family eagerly awaits news of a nurse who can accompany him to school, they hope for a swift resolution before the preschool program concludes. The opportunity to resume attendance, even for a few days, would benefit Cayden in educational and social benefits, while his mother would appreciate the chance to tend to household chores and errands with one less responsibility.

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The family acknowledges the ongoing nursing shortages and understands the challenges faced by the agency. Nevertheless, they remain hopeful that a solution will be found, allowing Cayden to reunite with his friends and continue his educational journey. The perseverance of Cayden's family is a testament to their unwavering dedication to ensuring his well-being and academic progress, even in the face of obstacles.

As the school year draws to a close, they will persist in advocating for nurse coverage, eager to make the most of Cayden's remaining time in the preschool program.

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