Gales Shoes Rebrands to Stand+: ‘Built for Those Who Stand for Us’ Says Founder Rob Gregg

Founder and CEO Rob Gregg and Chief Nursing Officer Raquél Pérez chat with allnurses about Stand+, a rebrand of their popular nursing shoe company Gales. News


"They're built for those who stand for us,” commented CEO and Founder Rob Gregg.

Founded in 2020, Gales rose out of the necessity to support healthcare workers, providing shoes of the utmost comfort and protection from infectious fluids and diseases. Now as Stand+, the company introduced additional shoe lines named AntiGrav1 and AntiGrav2, flaunting better comfort, support, and protection for long shifts.

"Instead of energy being bounced back into your body, we have technology where it absorbs it and allows you to not feel the discomfort or the pain in your back, knees, and joints that you would with other products,” explained Chief Nursing Officer Raquél Pérez

"I think that's where we're doing a great job of honing in on and making this a shoe that is versatile for any industry that requires standing. I could walk for 12 hours, and run sometimes depending on how crazy the shift was, and not feel the pain that I did with other very popular nursing shoe brands. And so we're bringing that into other industries that need it too,” continued Pérez.

Features include:

  • 12+ hour shift ratings
  • Improved cooling ventilation
  • Slip resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Shock absorbent
  • Antimicrobial

The rebrand doesn't come without warning, however. Featured on their website, those interested in purchasing shoes from Stand+ should beware that the use of their products "may result in extreme comfort, fewer slips, and frequent compliments.”

Among the many characteristics that make Stand+ an excellent choice for healthcare workers and beyond is that they're HSA/FSA eligible, as noted by Gregg. This means they're considered a qualified medical expense, speaking volumes to their potential upsides and Gregg's goal of "preserving the well-being of the people who need it.”

Stand+ AntiGrav1 May Result in Extreme Comfort


The AntiGrav1 alleviates fatigue and allows workers who stand to focus on their jobs with ease. They feature unparalleled safety and durability and maximum traction on any surface. They have all of the features listed above and are available in three colors; snow, onyx, and citron.

Stand+ AntiGrav2 May Result in Frequent Compliments


The AntiGrav2 is an oil slip-resistant, antimicrobial, ultralight comfort shoe equipped to elevate comfort, reduce fatigue, and promote safety. Professionals who spend many hours on their feet will appreciate their offerings, including a sleek look with multiple color options including Snow and Onyx.

While Stand+ has released their new shoe lines as of April 22, 2024, their previous Gales+ Frontline and Pro Line are still available on their website.

Stand+ also offers workplace support including:

  • Group Rates
  • Same Day Service
  • No Minimums

Their team of experts is readily available to customize solutions for your business and are encouraging those who are interested to reach out to get started.

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