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Okay, so...I get it. It's really hard to find a job as a new RN, especially in the Boston area. I'm looking for some positive words of encouragement, advice, etc. I passed my boards on 7/7/09 and have applied to 25+ jobs. I know it's not time to loose hope, get down in the dumps, etc but would like some advice. What should new RN's do for money in the interim prior to finding a job? Just feeling a little hopeless and could use some insight. Thank You


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Don't give up. Try home health agency and ask about Versant programs. Never give up because it is similar in Florida now. Trust me, you will find a job soon.

Good luck and also check some websites where they post jobs


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I just to Oregon from Boston. It took me 4 months before I landed a job at Spaulding Rehab hospital in Boston. Great place for new grad to start. Check out there website for new postings. In the mean time, look up agencies that are hiring flu shot nurses for the flu season. It's temporary and great pay. I found the agencies on craigslist. STAY POSITIVE and you'll find something. Just be flexible and be open to working all shifts. GOOD LUCK :)

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