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newly qualified from Ireland

by mweeta mweeta (New) New

Hi, I am a newly graduated nurse from Ireland, just wondering if someone could give me advice as to what exams i need to take to become registered in the united states. is there a main exam that most states recognise?

would be grateful for any replies..

There is one exam, the NCLEX, that is used throughout the nation. Just warning you that the country is limited at the present time for incoming nurses by what is known as the retrogression. You can read about the status in our international forum. One of our site administrators, suzanne4, keeps this info current for people with questions.

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Starting point would be read thread in the forum on Primer to working in the US and Retrogression. Would also recommend you decide on which state you want to work in and check their BON website to what is required from foreign trained nurses.

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