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Hello, I am new to, I had initially been a nursing student in the mid 2000s before switching to Education for my degree. After having some success in various career fields including education, I decided to go back into Nursing, starting with being a Nursing Assistant (NA), then passing a state exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). After 3 months on the job (self determination and hard work), I got recently promoted to Lead CNA (Evening - 2nd shift), I have little experience on 2nd shift, as I primarily am a 3rd shift (overnights) - 11pm to 7am CNA. Later this year, I will be going back to nursing school (again) to obtain an RN degree, then we'll see what happens beyond that.

I wanted to become a member on this forum, because I seek advice and guidance from nurses and fellow CNAs (if this is the wrong forum/site for this, please let me know).

I would like advice on how to perform as a Lead CNA and what I can expect from this somewhat higher position, coming from someone who started out as a NA and only been a CNA for 3 months. I have limited experience as a manager/supervisor, and I have some leadership qualities. I would like to seek the advice, suggestions, and critiques of my peers. Thank you all for your time in reading this!

PS: Also because of this site, I had discovered the secret of the Amino Energy Drink, that I had been using to help me get through my overnights schedule, along with my other 2 jobs (I work as a chef and public school translator).

- Marvman

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Hopefully I can get some replies before I start the new position,

if not, I will learn on the job and from outside consultants/training.


I'll try once more, to ask for advice, then I will move on, but still remain a posting member of this community,

as I find value in this site for my future endeavors to become a RN.

Unless there is no one here with Lead CNA experience?

Thanks again in advance.

CNA forums can be slow to move as they don't get a lot of traffic generally :(

As for lead CNA here's a few tips:

  • Don't over-mention that you're the Lead CNA, especially if you're newer to the unit
  • Ignore drama
  • Be available to help others if you can; lead by example
  • Watch how you say things more - people might become more critical, but that honestly depends on the unit atmosphere
  • Be you! You say you got the job because of your strong work ethic, so don't stop working hard :D
  • This one's important and totally not meant to be demeaning: but remember you're still a CNA. I say this because I worked under a lead CNA once who was absolutely awful to her coworkers; she was unprofessional, rude, and liked to put herself on a pedestal. Completely killed morale on floor while she was there. :(
  • Don't be afraid to say you don't know something

Really, it's just common sense stuff; imagine working under someone you dislike, and try your best not to be that person.

I hope this helps in some way? :o

Why did they chose someone who has only been there for 3 months as the lead CNA?

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