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newly licensed rn seeking for a job

Lovesit Lovesit (New) New

hi i just found out that i passed my nclex exam..

i've been looking for any new grad programs here in san francisco but apparently i can't find any... does anyone have any information on which hospitals are hiring right now? please help


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congrats on passing the nclex! seriously, there aren't too many new grad positions in the bay area, you might have to expand your search

NickiLaughs, ADN, BSN, RN

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If you do a search on here you will see how many New Graduates in the bay area cannot find work. There are a few new grad programs at certain times of the year but usually there are 100's of applicants for a few positions.

I graduated an RN program in the bay area, but returned to southern california. Most of my classmates still do not have RN hospitals positions. A few were able to get a position but only because they had worked in the hospital for many years as an LVN, and some hospitals still told them no!

I would google the major hospital websites and look up new grad, they will post when they are and application deadlines, but most will either probably be cancelled because of the economy, or hiring very few.

As the other poster said, if you can afford to expand your search do so. Be willing to relocate, be willing to work any position any shift. Look at jobs outside of the hospital. I had a friend who tried to get into a nursing home up there, and there were over 50 applicants for a position doing that!


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